Photo editing

Photo editing or photomontage involves changing a photo by adding or removing some parts of it, putting together several shots, etc. The most important is that no one can notice the presence of Photoshop and the photo look realistic. A professional master will perform editing in such a way, that photomontage traces will not be visible.

Who needs photo editing and for what is it required?

I fulfil photomontage of objects, people, separate elements, text, products, and other. For example, you can replace the background on a photo or add a product to the interior in order to demonstrate how it will look in a certain environment. Such work is necessary to advertise a product or present a project.

Photo collage is also popular – it’s when you insert a face in a particular picture or portrait.

People are facing a necessity for photo editing in their everyday life, when there is a need to correct documents, remove a figure from a shot, or change faces. I carry out orders of any complexity with responsible approach and accuracy.

Photomontage is often needed to combine photos from a particular photo shoot, such as wedding, birthday, or corporate event.

Photomontage work stages

If you need photo editing of a face or other objects, I will be happy to help you with its implementation. To start our fruitful cooperation, please fill in the form on the website, where it is required to enter your name, email address, write your wishes and attach the original images. If I need to clarify the task, I will contact you. The cost and terms are discussed individually.

Photomontage requires an excellent knowledge of Photoshop tools, practical skills in this program and creativity to make your wishes come true. Photo editing examples are now really wide-spread on the Internet, as it is a creative approach that can be used to present a product or brand in a non-standard way.

Photo editing services

Photomontage process is quite complicated and requires special skills. The result of the finished image depends on many factors: the quality of initial photos, lighting, angles, etc. Over the years of practical experience, I have faced the cases when the customer wanted to create something astonishing, but the initial source did not present the opportunity to execute it. In such situations, we will find an alternative situation together.

If I take your order for work, I guarantee that as a result you will get:

  • Image that will be as realistic as possible.
  • Photomontage that cannot be determined because there will be no joints or seams between separate elements.

I perform high quality work made in time.

When choosing a photo for editing, try to find the highest quality and professional images to for the best result. Photos taken with a professional camera are more preferable than made with a smartphone. If you have any problems with selecting photos, I will be happy to help you and choose the appropriate ones.

To order, use the form or write via instant messengers.