Clipping path

Photo clipping path means a background removing around an object or a person on a picture. I fulfill orders of any complexity, such as photos of hair, non-standard shaped items, poor background quality, transparent items, etc. In addition, I can also make editing for reaching the best result.

Photo clipping path service

Photo clipping path is usually required by stores or advertising companies. For example, when creating a product catalog, you need to crop a photo to highlight a specific product. The background can be shaded or transparent, a reflection can be added. Before performing an order, I always carefully listen to customer’s requirements, as it gives the guaranty that the result will meet all the expectations. I obtain vast knowledge in working with the clothes, models, goods, food and other stuff.

If you need clipping path service affordable in terms of price, I will be happy to help you! I guarantee that the quality of the performed work will be at the highest level. I work with photographers, photo studios, companies and individuals. The cost of the service starts from 30 rubles, the total amount is determined depending on the complexity of the work.

Specific features of the ordering photo clipping path service

An image or object can be clipped to any background, most often it is neutral white or transparent. Also, you can order a specific one with your logo. As common practice shows, retouching is often required when clipping photos and I provide these services as well.

When placing an order for photo clipping, you should specify the following information:

  • What background you choose: white, transparent, or specific one;
  • Whether there is a need for retouching or color correction;
  • Whether it is necessary to make shadows or reflections of the object;
  • Is it preferably/necessary to crop photos for achieving the same size;
  • if necessary, it is important to specify the desired size dimensions;
  • Choose the format of the finished image files: jpeg, png, psd, tiff;
  • Specify how many images you will need to be edited.

Important! Note that the quality of the finished photos also depends on their initial format. If the photos are of a professional quality, the results will be the same after completion clipping path. It is possible to work with the photos of initially worse quality in order to achieve better image results, but there is a poor chance to make it impeccable.

Price of photo clipping path

Deadlines and costs are determined individually and depend on the work complexity and the number of photos. If there are simple items that require a minimum of time, the price will start at 30 BYN/rubles and the order will be ready within the shortest possible time. As for a complicated order, for example, photos with a number of small details, non-standard shapes or poor contrast, it will respectively take more time and cost more.

To order, use the form or write via instant messengers.