Photo retouchung

Gone are the days when it was possible to take a shot and it seemed ideal, satisfying both a person from it and a photographer without any editing and retouching. In the current reality, there are various tools for changing photographs. This is an opportunity to turn an ordinary picture into a piece of art. The photographer takes many pictures, selects the best and necessarily retouches them. As a rule, about 10-15 images are chosen from the entire photo shoot, editing of which takes maximum time and attention. The rest shots are usually processed in batch (output from RAW format including general color correction). Photographers often have a good skill in working with Lightroom and Photoshop, but due to the number of orders for shooting, they do not have enough time to process many images. In this case, the best solution is division of work, which means entrusting editing of your pics to a third-party specialist, so that a photographer has an opportunity to devote more time to clients.

Professional retouching is an integral part of the modern photo industry, because even in case if you obtain expensive equipment, set the light correctly and use makeup artist services for the model, there will still be flaws that fortunately can always be edited with the help of Photoshop. General and local color correction, plastics of individual details, sharpening, contrast and saturation are proven and up-to-date methods of editing that guarantee high quality of the finished work and satisfied clients.

Retouching in Photoshop

Retouching services include several steps. Firstly, an image undergoes technical processing, which includes adjustment of the row of parameters: color saturation, sharpening, lightening or darkening of certain areas, adding warmth or cold to the color scheme.

After technical part is finished, we proceed to the artwork. This makes sense if there are pictured people, not just objects or nature. Artwork is essential for portraits, when it is necessary to get rid of the oily sheen on face, adjust the proportions, remove excess wrinkles and imperfections, and make the skin smoother. A professional will edit your pictures efficiently, preserving marks of naturalness, so that it will be really difficult to understand that any improvement took place. It is important not to bring the photo to the ideal as it is commonly shown in glossy magazines. Nevertheless, if you want, we may do it.

Retouching by a professional

It always bring satisfaction, when you don’t find any weak points looking at the image. After retouching services completed, you will get lovely pictures and fill your album, or hang them in frames. Moreover, it may be required for creation of a personal portfolio for a modeling agency. Beauty sphere and fashionable glossy magazines doesn’t go without professional photographs, which subsequently need processing, because it is necessary to create homogeneous light, eliminate defects and flares.

We treasure pictures from the wedding or birthday, post them in social networks and review each year, recalling bygone pleasant moments. I would like these shots to be impeccable for you and not causing any negative thoughts due to the presence of some imperfections.

My retouching services

Even the most ordinary picture looks as if it was made during a professional shooting after a high-skilled processing. I will carry out your order of any complexity and regardless of its volume. I guarantee accuracy and attention to details. All images will be airbrushed out, your loveliness highlighted and still they will remain as natural as possible without Photoshop traces.

Prompt work performance, individual approach to each client and lowest prices are the things you get, choosing my retouching services. I obtain long-term experience and unstoppably improve my knowledge that allows me to do the job efficiently, and give you the results that meet your expectations.

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