Pictured object removal

Have you ever faced the problem, when you took a great photo, but then noticed that some objects on it are waste? Usually these details or objects are minor, but they can completely ruin a cool photo. If a few years ago it was not possible to remove the unneeded from the photo, today we have an opportunity to use Photoshop to fix everything, including removing unnecessary objects. Knowledge and skills of Photoshop tools allow to remove all unnecessary details on your perfect photo. This takes a little time and the price for such service starts from 1 USD depending on the work complexity.

Removal of objects from a photo in Photoshop

It may seem that removal of an object from a photo is a simple task. In reality, this work is not so unsophisticated and only an experienced Photoshop user will complete the task with all the accuracy. Entrusting this to a newbie, you have a chance to completely ruin the photo. From my part, I can offer you a professional service of removing or adding objects to your photos.

What can be considered unneeded in the photo? For example, people who accidentally got in the frame and distract attention from you. An ugly building, a trash can, a car, or other items may also fall into waste category. We can remove unnecessary items on a person, for example, a watch that does not fit your image. At the same time, at your option we can add new elements, allowing you to try on a new image: glasses, a beard, or even a different hairstyle.

My services of pictured objects removal

There are photos that require really a lot of effort and skill to remove the unwanted elements, but if you entrusted the order to me, be sure that the result will meet all your expectations. I will complete the removal of unnecessary items unnoticeably, conducting a high-quality restoration of the background.

Some objects can be problematically removed if there is a complicated background or people’s faces behind. Fortunately, a way out can be found in case if you got additional images with the same background or people’s faces. When making an order, please describe in detail what details you want to remove, so that I can evaluate the montage complexity and its cost.

Adding objects to the photo

The opposite case is when your photo is missing some object or a detail that complements the picture. I provide services of adding objects to your photos. You can provide a ready-made image that needs to be mounted, or describe in detail what result you want to reach, and I will choose the appropriate detail myself.

Price of removal or adding pictured objects

The approximate service cost starts from 1 USD, but the final amount is determined more precisely after evaluation of the initial source and knowing your wishes. The price will be comprised depending on the complexity and number of photos. It is important to choose the right background, carefully cut out unnecessary objects and avoid distorting the plot. I guarantee that the work will be completed quickly and efficiently in accordance with all your requirements.

To order, use the form or write via instant messengers.