Photo background replacement

How often it occurs to you, when you get a cool photo at first glimpse, the angle is perfect and everything should seem fine, but the surroundings don’t get off to a great start? The nature is gloomy, either the building is ugly, or the background looks not like the ocean, but as a dull beach with green water, and so on. You are lucky that everything can be fixed, if you know how to change photo background using Photoshop. I will provide this service at an affordable price guarantying excellent quality and efficiency.

Photoshop background replacement

The service of photo background change is in demand among both women and men. You can easily replace an unfortunate or inappropriate scenery with the desired one with such accuracy, that no one will realize that you were not actually in the Maldives, but on the riverbank in your hometown. Years of practice and excellent knowledge of Photoshop tools allow to complete orders of any complexity.

In which cases is it required to change photo background in Photoshop?

This service may be necessary for solving household, advertising or printing tasks. For example, there was a photo shooting of people or objects in the studio, and after that appeared the need to place certain objects on a different place using background photo editor. With the help of Photoshop you will cope with this task, remaining the image realism.

Key point when you want to change photo background is a professional approach to work. The most important thing is the absence of possibility to detect the made substitution, lighting and angle must fully match the object that is being moved to the new place. A newbie can’t handle this task, so my advice to you is to trust only professionals who have years of practice behind. Only in this case you will get a really impressive result that will meet all your expectations. I have been working in this industry for many years, facing various unsuccessful works of “newcomers” in Photoshop, and I can confidently say that I do not allow such mistakes. Probably, you have also seen these examples of unsuccessful replacement that are widely posted on the Internet.

I offer my services at an affordable price, along with that you will be surprised at the reality of the results, and you may be sure that no one will guess that the previous picture was completely different, but then was changed with the help of background photo editor. I will replace selected objects to another one with the accuracy of each pixel.

You may provide the new surroundings yourself, or I will select it according to your wishes.

The price is determined depending on the work complexity and starts from 5 USD  rubles. The price is formed according to the certain object that needs to be moved, its dimensions and details. You can find out the exact amount after providing the base-line data and your wishes.

Each photo is processed individually, carefully and taking into account all the wishes. Additionally it is possible to do photo retouching. One more guarantee is providing 100% anonymity, your photos remain only with you and are not used anywhere.

To order, use the form or write via instant messengers.